> Machine Room & Secondary Guarding

Currently in Canada guarding is governed by the following code: CSA Standard Z432. Hulleman Industries reviews each site individually and custom designs & manufactures guarding to meet the requirements of CSA Standard Z432 and the guideline set out in TSSA's document "Elevator Machine Room Equipment Guarding, A Best Practices Guideline Production by Industry Stakeholders."

Drawings will be provided with all Hulleman Industries jobs.

Hulleman Industries considers operator/mechanic safety and equipment serviceability in each design. All items are also designed to be installed easily and quickly. There are two general types of equipment guarding:
• Component Guarding - Fits over/around individual components/parts of a machine
• Global Guarding - Typically a screen that is installed around the equipment.

There are several factors to be considered when choosing which type of Guarding to use. Hulleman Industries will help you with these decisions.

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